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Rivera Monarie

Recent and Upcoming Events
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Please check out our recent and up comming activity. Make sure you'll be there to partisipate!

Recent Events


Wedding in Lampung

On 04 July 2008 at 22:00Lt, Rivera Monarie’s team departed from Jakarta heading to Lampung to attend Eriek and Kezia’s wedding which is held on 06 September 2008. we departed from Gambir using Damri’s bus and went through 8 hours of driving (including almost 4 hours floating on a ferry from Java island to Sumatera island!). Yes, it was an exhausting journey but yet…stilkl fun! Hehehe.


We perform 3 dances performances which is the entrance, and 2 special items. Rivera’s team head back to Jakarta on 07 July 2008 with special bus which is provided by the event organizer and again…we went through a journey on the road and on the sea but this time…it is 12 hours!!!! Somehow when we across island from Sumatra to Java, our boat a bit stuck at the dock of Merak due heavy traffic. But then again, it was such a rewarding experience for Rivera Monarie team.


Thank so much for all the support from all departments concerned and specially thank you all Rivera’s reader for your pray and support. Last but not least, thank you for the dancers who put such an effort for this event. JBU all!!


(see full story at our blog


-Rivera Monarie-

Upcoming Events

Dear fellow dancers,
We, Rivera Monarie has been honoured by Mar Artha Gading to give performance at atrium hall in occation of Christmas Holiday Seasson.
We will perform a couple of choreograph dance with Christmas theme for vistor's view. Please check out our date and time of the performance as below:
Date           : 06 December 2008
Place          : Mall Artha Gading, Atrium Hall
1st show    : 13:00Lt
2nd show   : 16:00Lt
Make sure you bring your friends to watch our perfomance and we hope what it will bring warm and peacefull message in our viewer's hearts.
-Rivera Monarie-

The Joy of Christmast, Mal Artha Gading 06 December 2008 "re-run"

Dear Friends,

First of all, We would like to thank you guys who came to see our show on 06 December 2008 at Mal Artha Gading.

For those who couldn't make it, dont worry! you can watch the re-runs in our blog at

So...dont forget to check-out our blog whenever you guys have time...ok?

-Rivera Monarie-