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Our Company's  Organization


Felicia Jane Sidharta
Managing Director and Administration


Alexander Sukur Mawuntu
Art Director and Creativity Advisor

Rivera Monarie

Company Profile

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Our Mission...

Our mission is to provide entertainment in the form of dance performance, based on Christian's spirituality and hopefully could bring comfortness and joy for those who seek for it.
We also hope that we could provide a decent entertaiment for young audience, as we aware that entertainment for minor are becoming rare nowadays.

Rivera Activities
At the present, we provide wedding dance performance for entrance (Bride and Groom) and also for special items (full dance choreograph performance).
We also provide dance perfomance for special Christian event such as Christmast and Easter and Christian's musical concert upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us at our contact's list.


Company History...


Starting from a local church, Alex and Felicia were a member of their local church's Christian dance group when they servicing the Lord every Sunday with Tamborine dance. Both of them had a vision and dreams, and implement those vision and dream by taking class at Mainstream School of Arts, a local dance school and they both took ballet class, Tamborine class.
It was in the year of 2001 when Mainstream School of Arts lauch an annual event "Lomba Cipta Koreografi" or "Choreography Creativity Competition", their teacher saw above average skill in them and decided to join them with three other talented students in a group called "Bunga dan Kaisar". Supprisingly, Bunga dan Kaisar won 3 times in a row starting in 2001 until 2003.
Afterwards, Alex and Felicia were involve quite often in a performance for weddings and events that mostly have Christian background. Then in 2005, both of them realize that this might lead to another call. With other dancer colleagues who has the same vision, they gather up and together they dedicate themself to full filled their dreams.
Because all of the company members are from the same dance school as Alex and Felicia, that is the name "Rivera" came up and it is taken from the word "River" as we are a "River" flowing from "Mainstream" (the name of their dance school).