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Rivera Monarie

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Felicia Jane Sidharta
Managing Director and Administration
Alexander Sukur Mawuntu
Art Director and Creativity Advisor
Senior/Soloist Dancer


Felicia Jane Sidarta whom known also by the name of “Feli”, start dancing with her sister when she was young, and together they dance for Sunday service at their local church, GKPB Fajar Kebangkitan every Sunday. In 1999, together with Alex, she joined Mainstream School of Arts to improve her dancing skills and to get proper training for basic ballet and Tambourine techniques. She was also received training for dancing using supporting material such as long ribbon, and also learning modern dance.


Later on during her study at Mainstream School of Arts, she was trusted to teach basic ballet classes, Tambourine classes, ballet for young classes, from the year of 2001 until present.


In the year of 2001 until 2003, she, together with Alex in a group called “Bunga dan Kaisar” has won as 1st winner for categories Worship Dance, Tambourine Dance, Modern Dance in a competition of “Lomba Cipta Koreografi”. Since then, she often involve in events such as “Student’s Day” (volume 1 – 3), Christian’s music concerts that usually take place at Senayan hall that has capacity of 1000 viewers and involve in arranging choreography upon request for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties,  and dance choreography for Superkids music concert at local television show, FTV featuring “Delon” and Children Program’s Festival at local television show, SCTV featuring Saskia.


During her free times, beside dancing, she loves to shop and traveling


Alexander Sukur Mawuntu or also known as “Alex” begin his first dancing debut at his local junior highschool’s Christmas celebration back in 1996. At first, he was just helping his friends, whom happened lack of 1 personal in their tambourine dance group. Later on, he then decided to have proper dance training at Mainstream School of Arts in 1997. He was trained for basic ballet skill and Tambourine dance techniques. Later on, he was chose to be in part of group called “Bunga dan Kaisar” with Feli for competition of “Lomba Cipta Koreografi” in 2001.


Unfortunately he was unable to attended the competition due to last minute notification, that he has to attend training in Singapore. But he did choreograph some of the dance that was performed at the competition. In year of 2002 until 2003 he then re joined again together with Bunga dan Kaisar for the dance competition of Lomba Cipta Koreografi and choregraph most of the dance that is in the competition.


Since then, he and Feli often involve in some events such as wedding ceremonies, Christian music’s concerts. He was also involve in classical ballet performance at local ballet school “Aderayanti” as guest star performing “Don Quixote” as matador, “Swanlake” dancing “Pas de Trois”, excerpt  from “Paquita” also dancing “Pas de Trois”, “Nutrcacker” dancing “Hot Chocolate” and “Chinese Tea”.


During his free time, Alex love to play music instrument such as Piano, traveling, singing and spending time with his friends over a coffe.

Wulan Maharinda or also known as "Rinda", start seriously learing dancing when she was at the 1st grade of Junior Highschool. Together with Feli, she is also involve in dance performances, perform by Mainstream School of Arts such as "Students Day", and also helping Mainstream School of Arts for dance ministry. Together with Alex and Marcel, she is also one of the member of "Special Class" in Mainstream.
Beside Mainstream School of Arts, Rinda also receive her proper ballet training at local ballet school name "Ratna". She was also often involve in some of their dance performance production. In her free time, she loves to read books, and same with Marcel...sleeping...(hehe). As she claim to us, she once received an award for becoming a winner in eating crackers competition or known as "lomba makan kerupuk" which is held by several churches.
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Marsellina Erlinda or also known “Marsel” begin dancing since 3rd grade of elementary school. In 1995, she won as the 1st winner in categories of Tamborine Dance for Kids. Her favorite things that she love to do beside her free time beside dancing is drawing and sleeping…?? (that is according to her testimony, heheh)


At the present, she is in training at Mainstream School of Arts in “Special Class”, a privilege class for talented students in Mainstream School of Arts together with Alex, Felicia, Leonita and Rinda. It was her fist introduction with Rivera Monarie, introduce by Alex and Felicia.

Jeremia or known as "Jeremy" start dancing in 2002 at his local church. Since then, he as been involving in dance ministry that makes him realize that dancing is truly his call. In 2005, he decided to get a proper dance training at Mainstream School of Arts. It is motivated by his strong will to become an inspiration to all through the dance performance that he perform and give the highest contribution improvement in the world of dance, specially Chrisitan dance (Profetic dance). Under his personal comments: "Dancing is my way of life. Every movement of dance is my breath. Without dance, for me, its like a soul that has no colour of life. Dance and's perfectly match...Dance for soul..!!"

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